Imperial Medicals 3XV

Captain: Hideaki Tokuma 

The 3rd XV are the heart and soul of IMRFC, and the place where legends are born. With a strong fresher contingent mixed with more senior and experienced members of the club, it is the place where opportunities to play are in abundance, even for those who may be brand new to the sport. Last year was highly successful, with a huge win in Varsity. Week in, week out, we have the best socials of any team and of any sport at ICSM, culminating in the pinnacle of the season, the infamous 3rd Team Curry. The 3rd XV has a strong ethos of having pride in the phoenix and playing for you mates every time you pull on the shirt, and because of this, it is both an excellent place to improve your rugby and the most successful 3rd team at any London medical school

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