The Mary’s Men of Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster

Imperial Medicals RFC is still the beating heart of life and sport within the medical school. Whilst the college looks constantly for ways to amalgamate and assimilate both us and our our college counterparts, we are fighting for every inch of our independence. However, we cannot do this alone. Funding for a club of our size (around 70 active members of the medical community) is always going to be stretched, with minibus hire and employing top level coaches to get the best from our squad accounting for the majority of our expenditure. If the Wednesday team eventually does become joined with that of Imperial College, we will have no further funding from the students' union to keep the club and its traditions alive.

With this in mind we are creating an official membership group that we hope will become a strong base from which the club can function, both on and off the field, continuing far beyond our members graduating. Acting as a means to create a foundation the club can use to preserve its tradition and history. This network will be launched with two aims in mind; firstly to support the club to allow our members to continue to enjoy a high level of rugby for years to come. Secondly, to allow past members to become part of an establishment that allows them to network while catching up with old friends, benefitting their social and professional future.

We are naming this group “The Mary’s Men of Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster” and would like to offer you all an opportunity to join, . For an annual subscription fee of £40 for Doctors and £100 for Consultants/GPs (£3.33 or £8.33 per month); we would look to give you the following:

  • e-Newsletter, sent every term to let you know about what is going on in the club. Be it the upcoming fixtures, and the games we have won, to the tours that we have been on. We are aiming to keep people as involved in the club as possible.
  • Invitation to an annual luncheon to co-incide with the "IMRFC Legends vs. IMRFC" alumni fixture.
  • A Mary's Men of Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster Association Tie
  • A dedicated thank you on our website.

In addition to the benefits above, Life membership to the association can be obtained for a one-off fee of £500 with the following extra benefits:

  • Named as an Honorary Vice-President of Imperial Medicals RFC
  • Name placement on a recognition board.

If you are interested in joining the association or have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting the current club captain, Dan Pethers -

Members and Honorary Vice-Presidents

Imperial Medicals RFC would like to thank the following Mary's Men of Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster for the generosity in joining the association:

Vice Presidents

Mr. Nigel Mendoza


Dr. Hugh Crawford-Smith